The Boutique

Here at Lost Pines Toyota, we want to make your Dealership Experience Truly Exceptional!
Besides amazing customer service throughout the store, our Boutique offers a unique and
enjoyable shopping experience.Browse through many different home goods, decorative trinkets,
beautiful statement jewelry, scarfs, and more!

We invite you to step inside and have a look around! Enjoy something fun and unmatched, in
your next dealership experience!

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It’s not every day that the guy who works on your vehicle, turns out to be an amazing artist!
Transferring the art of putting an engine back together, after meticulously removing and
organizing 100 different pieces, Certified Technician Michael Romero uses these skills
through each stroke of a paint brush, and squeeze of the trigger on his air brush.

Michael has been painting since he was real young and got inspiration from his
father who was a tattoo artist. Find out more in the exclusive interview above!