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The Importance of Wheel Alignment

Your wheel alignment is one of the most important and most abused parts of your vehicle.

Here at Lost Pines Toyota in Bastrop, Texas, we know how important your vehicle is and proper alignment is the first step. Proper wheel alignment plays a very important role in how your vehicle performs.

Lost Pines Toyota, recommends a 4 wheel alignment every 30000 miles, this will help decrease the need for auto repairs. This schedule keeps your car running straight down those Bastrop roads and ensures the angle at which your tires touch the road is even and flat. Not only will this make your driving experience in the Bastrop area more pleasurable but it will also increase the life of your tires.

For improved overall performance and extended tire tread life under various driving conditions and speeds, it is very important that your tires be in proper alignment with the vehicle. Poor or improper alignment occurs when the suspension and steering systems are out of adjustment.

For most vehicles, poor alignment results in excessive and/or uneven tire wear, which can result in hundreds of dollars in auto repairs.

Improper Alignment and Correction

Poor or improper alignment typically results in a variety of abnormal tread wear patterns that are "readable." These clues often point to one or more sources of the problem that can be measured and corrected. But before taking any alignment measurements, check the following:

  • Proper inflation of each tire:

    Pressure over or under recommended levels will affect some alignment measurements.
  • Ride height:

    Ride height is the distance between the vehicle's frame and the road. Because all alignment specifications are relationships between various suspension components, ride height becomes the reference point for all alignment measurements. Therefore, proper alignment is not possible if ride height is higher or lower than factory ride-height specifications.

We hope that these tips helped and we looked forward to making sure your vehicle is aligned properly.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for repair, call one of our service advisors in Bastrop at 512-303-1200, or drive on over!

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