Leed Certified Green Initiatives

Our Commitment to Green Initiatives

Carlos Liriano is committed to being at the forefront of the Green Initiative in the Austin/Central Texas market and revolutionizing the way car dealerships do business. Deeply inspired by the Bastrop community's devotion to the environment and historic preservation, he presents a Green model that will touch thousands. Not just with a Green building, but with an entirely Green operation.

That being said, our strive for LEED Certification started on day one. The Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) for New Construction is the US Green Building Council's benchmark for the tenant improvement market. LEED recognizes performance in five key areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.
 As a LEED Gold-Certified Business, we knew that the next step to making our Green Initiatives a priority was to go solar!
With over 700 high-performance solar panels covering almost the entire roof of our dealership, they will yield a 60% energy offset that will produce a combined 366,970-kilowatt hours of solar power per year!
This is equivalent to 254.9 tons of Carbon Dioxide removed from the air every year and 9,835 trees cleansing the air for a year!

We Use Green Products Whenever Possible

In what other ways are we going green as a whole dealership? For starters, we've reconsidered our daily operations:

  • Reduced noise pollution by eliminating the overhead PA system storewide
  • Janitorial supplies are environmentally friendly
  • Vehicles are hand-washed to reduce water usage
  • We promote environmentally friendly supplies for vehicles
  • Coffee and soda cups are made from recycled supplies
  • Recycled tote bags for customers
  • Digital tablets for our Service Advisors
  • Sales staff shirts are made from recycled material, i.e. name tags, uniforms, and business cards
  • Reuse and recycle printing paper as much as possible
  • Data (from finance contractors to vehicle inspections) is scanned, electronically stored, and archived
In addition, we recycle all used oil, lubricants, and filters, antifreeze, tires, batteries, all metal parts, wheel weights, paper, and cardboard. You'll find recycling bins in every department.