Rent a Toyota is a vehicle rental program available only through Toyota dealers. Rent a Toyota was designed to assist dealers in offering quality, temporary transportation for their customers. Whether you need a service rental or an insurance replacement vehicle, Toyota has you covered. Retail rentals are also available for extended test-drives or special travel plans.

Why should I choose Rent a Toyota instead of another rental company?

Unlike other rental companies, Rent a Toyota is Toyota dealer based. This means that not only do you have an opportunity to rent the latest model Toyota, but you get the quality customer service of a conveniently-located Toyota dealer.

Are Rent a Toyota rates competitive with other rental agencies?
Yes. Toyota dealers are committed to satisfying current and prospective Toyota owners. We are able to provide very competitive rates since the vehicle and the facility are part of an existing Toyota dealership. Check with your local Rent a Toyota dealer for exact rates.

Can I rent a vehicle at one location and return it to another location?

At this time, the vehicle must be returned to the Rent a Toyota dealership where it was rented. Check with your Rent a Toyota dealer about off-site pickup services.

Can I rent any Toyota vehicle?
Participating Rent a Toyota dealers have a wide variety of the latest models available for rent. Please check with your local Rent a Toyota dealer for available models like the Tacoma Truck, Camry Car or RAV4 SUV in your area.

Can I buy the vehicle I am renting?
Absolutely. Most Rent a Toyota vehicles are available to purchase after their short four-month in-service period. Please check with your dealer for details.

Can I take the vehicle I rented into Mexico or Canada?
Rent a Toyota vehicles are allowed in the continental United States, Alaska and Canada. Rent a Toyota vehicles are not covered in Mexico.

Are there age restrictions on the person renting the Toyota?
Yes. You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a Toyota vehicle. Check with individual dealers for exact age requirements.

Are there any other restrictions?
You need a valid driver's license and a major credit card in your own name to rent a vehicle in the Rent a Toyota program. Proof of full coverage insurance that will transfer to the rental vehicle will be required at the time of rental.

Notes about licenses:

  • A valid license from the Renter's state of residence or country of origin is required (i.e., must not be expired, must not have any restrictions).
  • An International Driving Permit or license is acceptable but is not required.
  • A military license is acceptable as long as it is accompanied by the Renter's state of residence license, as well as proof that the Renter is on active duty.
  • A Learner's Permit is not an acceptable license.
  • A temporary license, permit or application for a Driver's License may be acceptable. Always check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that such paperwork is valid and has not expired.
  • Some states will hold a driver's license after a ticket has been issued by police. This ticket is not acceptable.

Our Why:

How is renting a Toyota from a dealership different than renting one from a traditional rental car company?
The Toyota app reimagines the rental experience from reservation to return. Unlike most conventional car companies, Toyota offers:

  • A better car: Every rental is a new model Toyota, known for safety, refined styling, and smart technology.
  • A better experience: Toyota delivers a fast, frictionless experience, with no lines and upsells.
  • Mobile lifestyle integration: The Toyota app lets customers choose their exact pick-up/drop-off time, select desired vehicle class, and provide driver's license and insurance details.
All participating dealers and program information can be found on our website

If you are calling to inquire about a specific reservation, we recommend that you call the dealership directly.

We also are happy to answer questions via email at with subject line "Toyota App Rental Inquiry".


Community Safety:
How is Rent a Toyota responding to COVID-19 ?

Keeping our Toyota community safe statement:

The safety of our people and our customers is a top priority, and we are taking extra precautions amidst COVID-19. We've added extra steps to help protect you and help keep your communities safe.

What we're doing:

1. Wash your hands before and after driving
2. Wear a mask while traveling, and don't drive if you feel sick
3. Clean frequently touched surfaces
4. Take your things with you when you leave


Toyota App How To:

How do I use the Toyota app to rent a Toyota?
The Rent a Toyota feature within the Toyota app is available at the following participating dealers:

Will I be responsible for fuel and tolls?

Re-fueling is encouraged but optional. If you skip it, the dealership will charge for the difference in fuel (in accordance with the rental agreement).

Upon finishing check-out, your reservation will end, and you will receive a receipt directly from the dealership.

When can I pick-up and drop-off my Toyota rental vehicle?
Normal operating hours vary by dealer. The available pick-up and drop-off times will display in the app based on dealer availability and rental department hours.

How can I arrange for pick-up/drop-off?
Pick-up and drop-off services are offered on a per dealer basis: If booking through the app, the dealership will assume that you have transportation to the dealership to pick up the Toyota rental vehicle.

If you are unable to get transportation to the Toyota dealership, please open your Toyota app to find contact details for your dealership.

If you notify the dealership of your situation prior to your arrival, the dealership will communicate whether they can accommodate your request. If offered, special pick-up instructions will be sent to you via email prior to your arrival.
You may cancel or modify your reservation at any time without penalties or a cancellation fee.

Note: If the dealership needs to cancel, they will call or email you at least 24 hours prior to your pick-up time notifying you of your options. The reservation will still show in the app as an active reservation in the Toyota app.

How far in advance must I make my reservation?

We cannot guarantee availability for reservations made within 24 hours of the desired pick-up or drop-off time. Hence, the app will not allow you to proceed if this rule is not met.

Can I schedule pick-up and/or drop-off outside of normal operating hours?
The Toyota app is configured to only allow pick-up and drop-off during normal dealership operating hours. Hours of operation vary by dealership.

Can I rent a Toyota by walking up rather than reserving online?
Dealerships can only accommodate walk-up requests if they have vehicles available. Reserving your rental car in the Toyota app at least 24 hours prior to your specified pick-up time notifies the dealer when you're arriving so that we can have your rental ready for you.

How many miles are included in my rental?
Mileage limitations are subject to dealership rental agreement terms. Please inquire with the dealership if you plan to take the vehicle out of state.

At most dealerships, your Toyota rental includes unlimited miles at no extra charge. This is our way of saying thank you for being a Toyota customer.

If the rental vehicle is driven off road, Toyota will be notified, and additional charges may be incurred.

Pricing, Payments, and Receipts

Does Toyota pre- authorize my credit card prior to rental?
Upon executing the rental agreement on site, you will be prompted to provide a credit card for payment. Pre-authorization of the total amount will be held at this time.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Toyota only accepts major credit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

The credit card must be in the same name as the driver of the rental.
Contact the dealership to confirm use of debit cards.

How do I retrieve my receipt from a past rental?

For your convenience, receipts are managed by the dealership and should be emailed to you shortly after the return of your rental.

If you have questions about your receipts or did not receive one via email following your rental, please contact the dealership you rented from.

What is Toyota's Billing Policy and Grace Period for returns past the reservation's scheduled return time?

Toyota's grace period is determined by the policy in place at the Toyota dealership you rent from. Your rental period begins at the time you pick up your rental. If you find you need to extend your rental and return later than originally expected, you can call the dealership to do so.

Additional rate charges are subject to applicable taxes and fees.

If you have other questions about extending your rental or other arrangements for car return, please contact the dealership you rented from.

What is the price per day of a Toyota rental?
Pricing is dependent on the vehicle you choose to rent. Depending on the dealership, price per day per vehicle is subject to change.

Are there any additional charges I should expect to incur from renting a Toyota through the Toyota app?
The Toyota app will never charge you for reserving a rental vehicle and will not charge any fees for cancelling or modifying a reservation.

Additional expenses will be covered inside of the rental agreement that you sign at the dealership. Depending on dealership location, you may be subject to recovery costs for fuel and tolls.

Do I need to bring my rental vehicle with a full tank of gas?
Re-fueling is encouraged but optional. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than you began your trip with, you will be subject to costs outlined within the terms of the rental agreement.

How is 'Estimated Total' calculated in the Toyota app?
The amount shown at the completion of your reservation is only an estimate. The Toyota app estimates total amount based on number of days you choose to reserve, times the daily rate for the vehicle class.

Not included in the estimated rental price are optional fair fueling and any actual highway tolls you may incur on your trip.

If applicable, additional taxes and fees can be found in the rental agreement when arriving at the dealership.

Are any additional vehicle features or extras offered at a premium?
If you wish to add trip protection, satellite radio, GPS navigation, or other premium features, you can inquire about these features with the dealership over the phone or in person. If applicable, these extras charges will be found on your final invoice.

Will I be charged anything for modifying or cancelling a reservation?
No. We will not charge you for cancelling or modifying a reservation.

However, keep in mind that modifications are subject to the same 24-hour reservation window. This means we can only guarantee the modified reservation if the change is made at least 24 hours prior to your new pick-up time.

What is the toll processing fee?
Toll processing fees are subject to local rates and guidelines.

What are the trip protection coverage options for my rental?
Trip protection options will be covered within your rental agreement at the dealership.

You can choose to opt in or out at the time of rental.

The following vehicle classes are available to choose from after selecting pick-up and drop-off time:

  • Sedan (Camry, Corolla, or similar)
  • SUV (Highlander, RAV4, Sequoia, or similar)
  • Mini Van (Sienna)
  • Truck (Tacoma, Tundra, or similar)
  • Hybrid (Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Avalon, Prius, Venza, or Sienna)
Note: Hybrid models may be available at select dealers depending on inventory.

If you would like to modify your vehicle class, you can tap 'Details' under the applicable reservation and select the pencil icon next to the vehicle description.

We cannot guarantee color, trim package, add-ons, or specific vehicle model.


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